This year, Pro Landscapes is offering a new lawn maintenance programs as part of our "Get Green, Stay Green" initiative .

 This program offers "value-menu maintenance packages" that help you to personalize your contract to meet your needs and budget. The three different levels are Super Green, Superior Green, and Supreme Green.

Super Green

Basic level of maintenance services that includes mowing, trimming , edging, and cleanup.

Superior Green

Second level of maintenance that includes all services mentioned in the Super Green level and bed-centric maintenance services that focus on keeping beds clean and exploding with color (includes weeding, pruning, fertilizing, etc.)

Supreme Green

Our premium level of maintenance services that includes all services mentioned in the first two levels, in addition to irrigation services, seasonal color, mulch, and chemical services.

Our Supreme Green, premium level of maintenance services consists of all nine different types of service categories offered: grounds maintenance, mulching, turf care program, turf enhancements, leaf removal and fall clean-ups, flower bed enhancements, irrigation, landscape lighting, and winter snow removal (outlined below). 

Grounds Maintenance:

·       Turf Mowing/ Trimming

·       Weed Control (included)

·       Edging (included)

·       Sidewalk Weeds (included)

·       Pruning


·       Initial Mulch

·       Second Mulch

Turf Care Program:

·       7 Step, Grow Green Lawn Program

Turf Enhancements:

·       Aeration and Over-seeding

·       Top dressing

Leaf Removal and Fall/Spring Clean-ups:

·       Fall and Winter Site Visits (includes leaf removal)

·       Spring Clean-Up

Flower Bed Enhancements (if requested):

·       Spring Annual Flowers ($4.50 per flower)

·       Fall Annual Flowers ($4.50 per flower)

·       Ornamental Mulch Bed Edging

·       Spring Shrub Fertilization


·       Winterization and Start-up of System

·       Irrigation Repairs ($65.00 per man hour)

Landscape Lighting:

·       Spring Check-up

Winter Snow Removal (if requested):

·       Snow Removal Sidewalk ($55.00 per man hour)

·       Snow Removal Parking Area ($125.00 per truck hour)

·       Salt ($0.60 per pound) 

Still have questions or wish to enroll in our Grow Green Lawn Program? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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